Learning Financial Accounting As a Busy Father, Husband and Professional

The Desire: Learn Financial Accounting

Feel free to use this image just link to www.rentvine.comFinancial accounting is very exciting to me from a personal interest standpoint. I enjoy learning about how companies organize and present their financial information and how this information is interpreted and used by third-parties in their decision-making processes. I also find it useful to know in order to assess potential investments, although I am admittedly an extreme novice in this area. Before taking my current course, I had been reading about financial accounting on my own for some time and had many, many gaps in my knowledge. It had become clear to me that if I wanted to really become competent, I needed to find a high-quality, comprehensive financial accounting course – one that I could fit around the demands of my personal and professional lives…lives that seemed to be getting busier and busier every month.

The Challenge: Finding Time

Professional Demands Responsibilities: Like most people, my biggest time demand is my professional life. I work in global public health, which is full of people who feel a deep link to their work and its impact. This leads them to push themselves to do their very best, sacrificing, among many things, time. I am fortunate to work at an organization imbibed with this culture, a culture that I identify with myself. Recently, I’ve been fortunate to work on Ebola-related activities, which only sharpened this feeling among our staff. I think that we all feel the importance of our work and give our all to have the most significant positive impact we can, every single day. For many of us, that was the main reason we became global public health practitioners.

Family Life: The other big responsibility in my life is towards my family. For me, this includes my wife (and a continued adjustment to life in the USA from her home country of Nicaragua), a very active toddler (who loves to wrestle with daddy), and frequent family visits to my mother. There is always an endless to-do list; current items include mowing, dishes, parent-toddler gymnastics class, a teaching certification, laundry, oil change, etc. Throw in infinite toddler playtime and things get overwhelming.

All of these responsibilities really push me to my limit simply in terms of the time available in a given day. None the less, I knew that I wanted to learn financial accounting, and I am of the attitude that if you don’t make something happen, it won’t happen. So I had to make it happen…but I needed a course that could work with me and for me, and not overwhelm me or my family.

The Solution: Financial Accounting at the UNC Friday Center

My brother is an MBA graduate with extensive financial accounting knowledge. I came across the financial accounting course offered by the UNC Friday Center and very quickly sent the course syllabus to my brother for his brief review. To my surprise, he found the course content to be of the same high-quality as his MBA financial accounting course, with which it shares the same textbook. Although I was very happy to have found a course that actually exceeded the quality standards I was looking for, then came the moment of truth: Could the course meet the needs of being manageable beyond my daily responsibilities as a professional, husband, and father? The answer was a resounding yes! It could and does. I am able to complete readings, assignments, and quizzes on a flexible schedule, around all of my other life responsibilities. It truly has been the perfect solution to meet my desire to learn financial accounting, while overcoming the challenges that professional and family life present. I am convinced that I truly could not have found a better course!


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