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Tips For Online Learners

Online classes can be daunting for people who’ve never taken them before. Some people are successful at integrating them into their busy schedules, but some struggle to find any time to do the work. That’s why I put together the

Reasons Why Your Next Class Should Be an Online Class

Online classes are unique experiences. They might not have the social aspect that in-person classrooms provide, but sometimes (especially with blended courses) they will provide just the right mix of real-life experience and the flexibility of online classes. 1. They

The Logic of Blended Learning, Part 3: Saying Goodbye

April 21 was the day I said goodbye to my scruffy professor and my classmates with whom I shared this academic journey. On that day, I trekked to the classroom, my heart weary as I searched for my seat in

The Logic of Blended Learning, Part 2

So last Monday in my blended online/face-to-face course, I attended our third in-class meeting. Once again our favorite gruffy philosophy professor stood in front of the classroom, ready to give a lecture about the latest topics. Remember that puzzle thing

The Logic of Blended Learning

I’d like to discuss my second classroom experience in PHIL 105. This time, about half of my classmates didn’t show up. Perhaps they didn’t like the classes. Regardless, we all looked forward to seeing what mind-bending discussions our instructor could

Taking Blended Online/Face-to-face Courses

By Zhe Ji Hello, everyone! My name is Zhe Ji (but I prefer the name Sammy). I’m currently taking two online classes–Critical Thinking and Computers and Society. These are both fantastic classes, which offer amazing and insightful introductions to logic


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