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The Golden Rule of Forum Posting

Most online courses require interaction between classmates over a forum. In my POLI 101 course, we post on the Sakai forum up to three times a week. While some of the posts follow a simple question and answer format, they

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Why I Took an Online Class

A lot of people ask me why I decided to take an online class. After all, I’m a full-time undergraduate student, and I live on campus. It would be easy for me to take the traditional on-campus section of POLI

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Five Lessons I Learned from this Semester’s Online Classes

As the sun rises on summer break, I’d like to look back at this past semester as one that will prepare me for future online classes. Along with learning came mistakes here and there, and I’d like to share some

Reasons Why Your Next Class Should Be an Online Class

Online classes are unique experiences. They might not have the social aspect that in-person classrooms provide, but sometimes (especially with blended courses) they will provide just the right mix of real-life experience and the flexibility of online classes. 1. They

The Logic of Blended Learning, Part 3: Saying Goodbye

April 21 was the day I said goodbye to my scruffy professor and my classmates with whom I shared this academic journey. On that day, I trekked to the classroom, my heart weary as I searched for my seat in

The Logic of Blended Learning, Part 2

So last Monday in my blended online/face-to-face course, I attended our third in-class meeting. Once again our favorite gruffy philosophy professor stood in front of the classroom, ready to give a lecture about the latest topics. Remember that puzzle thing

iPad or Looseleaf?: How To Use Both to Study Efficiently and Enjoy Yourself!

By Elicia Hyde-DeRuyscher These days, millennials are infamous for their love affair with technology. Therefore, it is no surprise that the online classroom is hugely popular amongst this generation. Online courses allow students to have a more flexible schedule, receive instant

Flexibility is Your Friend

By Rachele McFarland For my online course this semester, I needed to find a conversation partner with whom to discuss various topics and practice Spanish every week. So I wrote my little introductory autobiography and listed very specific, small windows

Dealing With Stigmas and Snobbery

By Olivia Juarez In recent days, I’ve heard a few thoughtless comments about online classes and the public stigmas of the online student. Some examples: “Oh, you have a test, but it’s an online class, right? So, that will be,

The End of the Semester

By Oren Eades Exams have come and gone. The semester is over! Yes, I’m happy to be done with school for the summer. But I can’t help thinking that the lessons I learned will stay with me and continue to


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