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Five Reasons Why Communication Has Been Key To My Online Learning

Communication is considered “a purposeful activity of exchanging information and meaning across space and time using various technical or natural means.” I have found communication to be central to my success in online courses that I have taken over the

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Reflections on My First Online Class

Before this semester, I had no intention of taking an online class. I enjoyed the typical academic environment of sitting in a classroom at a certain time each week surrounded by other students with a professor lecturing in front of

Tips For Online Learners

Online classes can be daunting for people who’ve never taken them before. Some people are successful at integrating them into their busy schedules, but some struggle to find any time to do the work. That’s why I put together the

Forum Faux Pas: The Do’s and Don’t’s of Communicating in Online Classes

By Olivia Juarez A major component of online classes is the grade you get for your participation in class discussion forums. For example, in my current online class, we are encouraged to post multiple times a week to the forum


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