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Why Proactivity Beats Procrastination in Online Courses

As college students, we’ve all had this temptation. It’s Wednesday and the teacher closes class by passing out your next homework assignment. After you let out an involuntary sigh, you look at the top of the paper and find some

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Toddler vs. Deadline, Round 1: The Importance of Time Management

The following is an account of a recent ‘challenge’ to completing my coursework, narrated by myself as if in the moment. It is given to illustrate a very real challenge that some of us may face in completing a course

Tips for Success in Your Online Class

The fall semester is winding down. This term I’ve learned a lot from my online class both in content and about being a better student. Here are some tips that I’ve gathered over the semester in managing an online class:

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5 Steps to Online Course Time Management

The last 30 seconds of class are crucial. Students start clicking their pens, closing their laptops and zipping up their bags. As the clock is about to strike the minute, everyone listens to the professor give the most important information

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Tips For Online Learners

Online classes can be daunting for people who’ve never taken them before. Some people are successful at integrating them into their busy schedules, but some struggle to find any time to do the work. That’s why I put together the

Dear Seniors: SIX MORE WEEKS!

For those of us who are graduating in May, only six weeks remain in our college careers. The transition to graduate school or the working world is at our fingertips! However, this quickly approaching freedom does not necessarily permit us seniors

A Different Way of Learning

By Natalie Dwigans As a full-time student here at UNC, I often feel like I do not have time for anything but school. After feeling completely drained after three years of going to class every day, for my senior year

iPad or Looseleaf?: How To Use Both to Study Efficiently and Enjoy Yourself!

By Elicia Hyde-DeRuyscher These days, millennials are infamous for their love affair with technology. Therefore, it is no surprise that the online classroom is hugely popular amongst this generation. Online courses allow students to have a more flexible schedule, receive instant

Gooey Chocolate Bars and the Art of Biting Off Exactly What You Can Chew

By Lydia Bevan In honor of Halloween being yesterday, I would like to devote this post to chocolate. Hey, I’m a woman (and a ballerina, to be more exact). Chocolate is a guilty pleasure of mine but I have a feeling

A New Semester

After an all-too-brief break following the end of online classes, the fall semester has begun. It’s going to be interesting. Classes, even traditional ones, seem to become more and more  web-based each semester. In my French class, I complete nearly


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