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A Project Planning Approach to Online Learning

With the benefit of experience on my side, I have recently been thinking a lot about a standard process for planning and getting the most out of an online course. These are things that I myself will be thinking through

Reflections on My First Online Class

Before this semester, I had no intention of taking an online class. I enjoyed the typical academic environment of sitting in a classroom at a certain time each week surrounded by other students with a professor lecturing in front of

Learning Financial Accounting As a Busy Father, Husband and Professional

The Desire: Learn Financial Accounting Financial accounting is very exciting to me from a personal interest standpoint. I enjoy learning about how companies organize and present their financial information and how this information is interpreted and used by third-parties in

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Why I Took an Online Class

A lot of people ask me why I decided to take an online class. After all, I’m a full-time undergraduate student, and I live on campus. It would be easy for me to take the traditional on-campus section of POLI

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Online Class Myths

“An online class? This should be a piece of cake!” If this is you, stop. Just because a class is on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s easy. The misconception that online classes are easier than physical classes is just one

Overcoming Procrastination

Over the years, I have taken many online classes. I took three in high school and four so far at Carolina. However, I must admit I didn’t do well in a lot of them. This semester marks the first time

Introductions and Intentions

Introductions are awkward. Hi, I’m Adam. I came to UNC as an out of state student from my native land and old world of South Carolina with enough AP credits to be considered a sophomore, and an SAT score that

Taking Blended Online/Face-to-face Courses

By Zhe Ji Hello, everyone! My name is Zhe Ji (but I prefer the name Sammy). I’m currently taking two online classes–Critical Thinking and Computers and Society. These are both fantastic classes, which offer amazing and insightful introductions to logic

Friday Center Student Nakia Hoskins

My name is Nakia Hoskins, intermediate blogger. I first enrolled at UNC in 2004, and am still in pursuit of fulfilling my undergraduate degree in African American Studies. Not finishing my degree in the “conventional” four-year allotment is becoming the

Friday Center Student Adam Oppenheimer

By Adam Oppenheimer I was accepted on Early Action by UNC in 2012 from out of state, and even though the out-of-state tuition is practically criminal, I couldn’t resist attending the school that both my parents attended and met at,


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