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A Project Planning Approach to Online Learning

With the benefit of experience on my side, I have recently been thinking a lot about a standard process for planning and getting the most out of an online course. These are things that I myself will be thinking through

Overcoming Procrastination

Over the years, I have taken many online classes. I took three in high school and four so far at Carolina. However, I must admit I didn’t do well in a lot of them. This semester marks the first time

The Power of “No”

By Lydia Bevan This article is the latest a series to delve deeper into the ideas of my recent article Gooey Chocolate  Bars and the Art of Biting Off Exactly What You Can Chew.  Here, I wrote: Learn to say no to

Benefits of Online Learning

By Josette Styles As my online summer classes come to a close, I’ve done some reflecting. Online classes were a great choice for me to receive class credit and work around my busy schedule this summer. There were various highlights


My online classes this summer, Mathematical Logic and British Literature, are fairly different, but I see more and more connections between the two. An essay, it seems, is just an extended informal proof, and clarity of language and meaning are


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