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Why Proactivity Beats Procrastination in Online Courses

As college students, we’ve all had this temptation. It’s Wednesday and the teacher closes class by passing out your next homework assignment. After you let out an involuntary sigh, you look at the top of the paper and find some

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A Project Planning Approach to Online Learning

With the benefit of experience on my side, I have recently been thinking a lot about a standard process for planning and getting the most out of an online course. These are things that I myself will be thinking through

Toddler vs. Deadline, Round 1: The Importance of Time Management

The following is an account of a recent ‘challenge’ to completing my coursework, narrated by myself as if in the moment. It is given to illustrate a very real challenge that some of us may face in completing a course

Reasons Why Your Next Class Should Be an Online Class

Online classes are unique experiences. They might not have the social aspect that in-person classrooms provide, but sometimes (especially with blended courses) they will provide just the right mix of real-life experience and the flexibility of online classes. 1. They

A Nice, Relaxing Finals Week (Really)

Well friends, finals week has arrived. And although we are all ready for summer breezes and ice cold lemonade, that fantasy must be put on hold for a bigger reality. This is the week all your previously stored knowledge is

Overcoming Procrastination

Over the years, I have taken many online classes. I took three in high school and four so far at Carolina. However, I must admit I didn’t do well in a lot of them. This semester marks the first time

Dear Seniors: SIX MORE WEEKS!

For those of us who are graduating in May, only six weeks remain in our college careers. The transition to graduate school or the working world is at our fingertips! However, this quickly approaching freedom does not necessarily permit us seniors

Taking Blended Online/Face-to-face Courses

By Zhe Ji Hello, everyone! My name is Zhe Ji (but I prefer the name Sammy). I’m currently taking two online classes–Critical Thinking and Computers and Society. These are both fantastic classes, which offer amazing and insightful introductions to logic

Grasping Reality: How to Set a Realistic Schedule

By Lydia Bevan I recently made a post about Gooey Chocolate Bars and the Art of Biting Off Exactly What You Can Chew. In this article I skimmed over four main tips I had for anyone approaching the daunting task

Assignment Preparation for the Head and the Heart

By Lydia Bevan One of the most daunting aspects of online schooling is the vast chunks of information for your overly-stressed mind. This, however, is surmountable if you use your resources properly. I have some simple tips I have found


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