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The Golden Rule of Forum Posting

Most online courses require interaction between classmates over a forum. In my POLI 101 course, we post on the Sakai forum up to three times a week. While some of the posts follow a simple question and answer format, they

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5 Steps to Online Course Time Management

The last 30 seconds of class are crucial. Students start clicking their pens, closing their laptops and zipping up their bags. As the clock is about to strike the minute, everyone listens to the professor give the most important information

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Online Class Myths

“An online class? This should be a piece of cake!” If this is you, stop. Just because a class is on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s easy. The misconception that online classes are easier than physical classes is just one

iPad or Looseleaf?: How To Use Both to Study Efficiently and Enjoy Yourself!

By Elicia Hyde-DeRuyscher These days, millennials are infamous for their love affair with technology. Therefore, it is no surprise that the online classroom is hugely popular amongst this generation. Online courses allow students to have a more flexible schedule, receive instant

The Power of “No”

By Lydia Bevan This article is the latest a series to delve deeper into the ideas of my recent article Gooey Chocolate  Bars and the Art of Biting Off Exactly What You Can Chew.  Here, I wrote: Learn to say no to

Struggling in Class? Take Advantage of These Three Online Resources

By Simdi Onwuteaka One of the things I discovered while taking my online class this semester was the plethora of web resources that helped me understand confusing topics that otherwise would have taken hours to master. Finding the right web

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