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Prioritizing for Online Course Success

Unbeknownst to me back in my first year of undergraduate studies, success in education is not only about intelligence. There are a number of additional skills required, many if not all of them learned. These include things like time management,

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5 Steps to Online Course Time Management

The last 30 seconds of class are crucial. Students start clicking their pens, closing their laptops and zipping up their bags. As the clock is about to strike the minute, everyone listens to the professor give the most important information

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Why I Took an Online Class

A lot of people ask me why I decided to take an online class. After all, I’m a full-time undergraduate student, and I live on campus. It would be easy for me to take the traditional on-campus section of POLI

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Online Class Myths

“An online class? This should be a piece of cake!” If this is you, stop. Just because a class is on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s easy. The misconception that online classes are easier than physical classes is just one

Final Exam Blues: Phil 105 Final Push and Reflection!

To be able to cross this semester’s finish line, I had to take a final exam for Phil 105 spanning three hours. It encompassed all the material we were taught over the semester. Preparing for this final online class exam

Five Lessons I Learned from this Semester’s Online Classes

As the sun rises on summer break, I’d like to look back at this past semester as one that will prepare me for future online classes. Along with learning came mistakes here and there, and I’d like to share some

Reasons Why Your Next Class Should Be an Online Class

Online classes are unique experiences. They might not have the social aspect that in-person classrooms provide, but sometimes (especially with blended courses) they will provide just the right mix of real-life experience and the flexibility of online classes. 1. They

Overcoming Procrastination

Over the years, I have taken many online classes. I took three in high school and four so far at Carolina. However, I must admit I didn’t do well in a lot of them. This semester marks the first time

Class Projects with VoiceThread

My online COMP 380 class talks about computer science and its relation to the world. No, actually it’s just about computers in our society. It sounds boring, but it’s actually not. It helps us understand the background context of computers

Class Necessities: Resources to Help Online Students

By Josette Styles: Online classes are a fairly new experience for me. So the beginning of this summer marked a passage of time in which I began to precariously explore what I would need to do and know about online


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