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The Golden Rule of Forum Posting

Most online courses require interaction between classmates over a forum. In my POLI 101 course, we post on the Sakai forum up to three times a week. While some of the posts follow a simple question and answer format, they

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Overcoming Procrastination

Over the years, I have taken many online classes. I took three in high school and four so far at Carolina. However, I must admit I didn’t do well in a lot of them. This semester marks the first time

Committing to Your Relationship. Er, Online Class.

By Rachele McFarland When I signed up for my course, I presumed I could easily integrate it into my busy schedule.  I work full time as a teacher, and my afternoons and evenings are filled with other activities and tasks. 

Naughty or Nice: Three Reasons Not to Cheat in Your Online Classes

By Olivia Juarez The unsupervised nature of online classes makes cheating on the closed book quizzes and tests you take online a tempting possibility. I’ve encountered so many students who, upon asking me about my tests online, ask me why

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Bees, Trees, and Making Hay while the Sun Shines

By Daniel Harnden My life is one long lesson in time management. Apparently I will never get out of the time management classroom. This is not a lonely classroom as I am joined by fellow blogger Kelly Swanson who spells


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